16 August 2021

WhatsApp mango importing OR how to get around US trade imports: LONG READ (extremely worth it). I love absolutely EVERYTHING about this. It’s about how WhatsApp is being used by dedicated people in the US to import the GREATEST FRUIT IN THE UNIVERSE. Basically, the fun of sidestepping normal logistics. Can also be titled: the lengths Pakistanis will go to for real fruit.

Carbon myopia AND/OR Integrated action in the livestock sector: review talking about the perils of carbon myopia and everything wrong with current interventions and strategies for GHG mitigation.

This extremely useful map on submarine cabling globally. Useful because the internet is everywhere (sort of) and distressingly easy to interrupt. Bigly vulnerability. Consider the impact on food systems EVERYTHING seeing how it seems that most ‘innovative’ interventions seem to involve the internet in some way. Also, the most critical infrastructure tends to be invisible. The legal and regulatory picture of cables is fascinating. Specially how out of the date some of the treaties are (e.g. Australian one from 1884), who owns the cables, who pays for their repairs (surprisingly, these Venn circles do not always overlap in a comforting way), and that you can sublease stakes in cables (why?).

I can talk about cables and transmission lines for days. This is why I don’t go to parties.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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