Children Always Come Home

Winning entry for The Salam Award’s 2022 competition!

The story follows a woman who is (not quite) at the end of her journey through the various difficulties of running a shoe store during (not quite) the end of the world. Ghosts of family members, dying technology, and lost shoes make appearances.

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An Aesthetic Curiosity

Short story in the Rise zine 2019 on an artist using a particular type of ink to paint a future.

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Let Us Begin

‘Let us Begin’ imagines a world in which entanglement between human minds leads to a kind of telepathic connection. Published in an anthology with short stories rooted in the complex reality of the climate crisis.

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An Interlude

A hospital waiting room

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62 zines made over 62 days of working from home in the early days of the pandemic.

A selection of some of my published and experimental non-academic texts.