8 September 2022

Second post on warehouses, connected with a previous post on last mile startups! Record-breaking warehouse construction in the UK happening. The UK will have to increase warehouse space to meet with demands, BUT, labour shortages all around. Major mega-shed NIMBYism slated for the future. Serious international investor interest as well, given the big monies going for rental costs. Things that aren’t talked about enough? Warehouse DOORS.

Global map on shipping – short video explaining the bulk, types, and load (from 2012). Relevant because of China is still the major hub for container ships – evidenced most recently by the massive blockage at Ningbo-Zhousan port that on average handles 29 million 20-foot containers every year. One arm of the port had to close in August because of COVID. The cost of moving a 40-foot container from China to Europe is currently running at around 12,000 GBP, about ten times what it would normally be. Do see the Freightos Baltic Index for some serious excitement on shipping rates recently. Why this is interesting? A metric crap-ton of material ships through China. Our houses have probably at least 10 items that have been through just Ningbo-Zhousan. Also, if you want things delivered for Christmas… order them three months ago.

Meta analysis on projected global food demand and population at risk of hunger for the period 2010–2050. Systematic literature review. See specially figure 2 on methods, drivers and food security indicators of the selected studies.

Bonus cable post! Combined with mining expansion for extra doom-i-ness: big raw material shortages for cable suppliers. For the usual COVID supply chain reasons. But also, longer term trends on decline in raw copper supplies because of less investment and reduction in mining. In March, copper prices increased 100%. But now: the Chilean government is spending $2.5 billion to expand existing mines; the Australian mining company BHP is allocating $900 million to find new copper and oil deposits. Consider – the impact of the US infrastructure bill, 5G rollouts in most countries, and increases in offshore wind installations –  The UK remains the world’s biggest offshore wind market  with 9.7GW of total installed capacity.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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