Securing and Sustaining the Olympic City (Pete Fussey, Jon Coaffee, Gary Armstrong, Dick Hobbs), 2011

Excellent cross disciplinary understanding of the security strategy of the London 2012 Olympics and its impacts. Great organization and useful for understanding past Olympics and socio-environmental impacts. Must read again.

Planet Savers: 301 Extraordinary Environmentalists (Kevin Desmond, 2008)

chronologically arranged, short, and VERY comprehensive (for the people included). Beginning from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha and ending at George Monbiot. Will keep coming back to it to see the different kinds of people working in environment

Environment: Critical Essays in Human Geography (edited by Kay Anderson and Bruce Braun, 2008)

ESSENTIAL READ: discusses new directions for environmental geography, critical turn and relational histories and ontologies

Hybrid Geographies ( Sarah Whatmore, 2002):

examination of culture and nature, and has great case study analyses

Geographies of Nature (Steve Hinchcliffe, 2007)

Inhuman Nature (Nigel Clark, 2011)

Nature (Noel Castree, 2005)

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