1 August 2022

Dark kitchens on the go / luxe food truck meet deliveroo – food delivery that FINISHES cooking food outside people’s houses. The food is partially cooked at a central facility and then finished in these vans. Naturally, some suburban residents are unhappy, but others less so, takes the sogginess out of takeaway. Use impingement ovens and sous vide for extra awesomeness IN THE VANS. They have 60 chefs, 500 million USD in investor funding, and plans on expanding. Similar SORT OF to CloudKitchens. Questions remain on curbside regulation (and the everything else about this). There’s a paper in this somewhere on legal geography meets food systems (and the food loses).

The rise of the faba! Through Beneo’s sustainability goals and ‘future proof proteins’. 54 million USD invested in a pulse processing plant in Germany. Fascinating for complete valorisation. Will be interesting to see the new little systems created by these things. Related, the Synergy Flavors Trendcast had an episode on savory and alternative proteins.

Pack of resources (read: policy briefs + evidence review) by R4D and City on adopting a food systems approach for policy makers. Brief 3 on tools, and 4 on financing and governance are very awesome. The evidence review is also good on review of the various policies across food system outcomes. Could be one way of thinking of the FSA review. See section 3 and 4 on food safety and road transport infrastructure.

RAENG and York framework on safer, complex systems. Philip shared this in the last FSA workshop. Very interesting, see specially 7.1.6 on safe and resilient systems.

Small Foundation on tracking systems change and their new systems change strategy. ECI Food connection – Liz, who worked with us through OSF on the small-scale agriculture project with Foresight4Food is now at Small Foundation. See for the bit on ‘exploring ways to track systems change’ on tracking interdependencies and consequences and the conditions for systems change.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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