7 September 2022

According to the Cold Chain Federation’s Annual report for 2022: total volume of UK cold stores is 40,860,853m3 (35 Wembley stadiums). Wholesale energy costs have increased 183% between 2016-2022. So quite terrible for businesses for refrigeration during that heatwave bit and extra pressure during ye olde pandemic times. Much of the industry is shifting to different cooling methods and energy storage. Cryogenic freezing seems to be where it’s at for efficiency and logistic flexibility. Much fast, very wow.

In my normal (this is normal) warehousing tracking: Hunt’s Food Group has a new 4,000 sq. ft warehouse in Sherborne. 336 pallet capacity for ambient storage. This is mainly for their non-food lines. But, their frozen food stock is supported by two sites at Stalbridge and Hazelbury Bryan – 4000 pallets combined. Hunt’s has increased it’s stock holding by FIFTY PERCENT throughout the pandemic because of port issues, hauliers, and supplier stress. Separately, they have moved to using HVO Biodiesel in most of their vehicles – allegedly reducing carbon footprint by 76%.

Evidence gap map of effects of food system transformation in LIMCs – uses a modified HLPE FS framework, and assigns each intervention to only one domain. See Fig 1. List of interventions by category in Table 1 is MOST useful. Would be cool to further divide by scale. Outcomes table is good and reminds me that I always forget about fines and violations in the ‘regulation’ activity. Also, everyone loves supplements, fortification, and education as interventions.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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