16 July 2021

Optimism, pessimism, and solutionism: some of the ideas in this essay are relevant with how we discuss approaching food system problems (I disagree with the ultimate conclusion on fundamentally being solutionists).

America’s food monopolies: LONGREAD. American, but I think the point on market coverage and power is good. And good balance and use of graphs. See also the price paid to farmers, as opposed to what distributors sell it for – essentially, paying farmers less, but selling it for the same price…for three decades.

Blood-sucking locusts: Upcoming French horror movie on bloodthirsty locusts. Of course fiction (for now…) but interesting take on farmer desperation and obsession, and points to worries about insect-REARING. Specially cool given that we rarely hear about the other ends of the insect production.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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