10 June 2022

Alex Steffen on the problems with old worldviews. LoOoOong read, but very good for worldviews. This is particularly interesting:

“The speed and scale of the changes around us mean that the shortcomings in our worldview are themselves systemic. They are failures to see the pattern right, and new information can’t by itself correct those failures. We have to not only think in systems but learn to see new ones, with new interconnections.” (emphasis my own).

See also for boundary policing as pronouncing the death of foresight. I disagree with some of the comments on speed (mainly because it seems very ephemeral and without definition), but overall, good stuff.

Mobilising money and movement: creative finance for food system transformation. Worth a skim. But: Nothing new. Language is interesting though. ‘rehumanise food system actors’, ‘constellation of actors’. Some of the levers, are not. Not clear what makes something ‘creative’.

Chatham House, on comparing and contrasting sustainable intensification and agroecology. Note particularly the emphasis on the underlying assumptions for both. “Assumptions underlying different models of sustainable agriculture must be tested for robustness – in this way the risks of path dependence can be reduced.” Table 1 is specially good. Each assumption highlighted is then critiqued and deconstructed.

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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