30 July 2021

UK fisheries and offshore wind in competition – comments by the NFFO on the net zero ambitions. Tradeoffs! Also, doom. And we haven’t even got to the salmon that are melting.

Dancing with systems – LONG-READ – Donella Meadows summarizes fourteen points of general “systems wisdom” she absorbed while modeling complex systems and hanging out with modelers. Is as a list, good to peruse through.

Unboxing toolkits – EXTREMELY LONG-READ – very (very!) comprehensive exploration of the idea and use of toolkits. Found interesting the use of toolkits as boundary objects. And this quote: “Perhaps our toolkits can offer new ethical and pedagogical frames, reshaping the contexts for tool use – and informing the worlds we build with them”. Good to read specially if we think about foresight toolkits: “consider what the toolkit does, who it serves and how, and what it says about us”

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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