18 May 2022

Discontinuity is the job – long read, but good for thinking of crises as discontinuities, role of institutions, speed of transformation, and boundaries. Interesting: “The boundary is not the edge of the possible, beyond which all is murky, it’s a smokescreen meant to obscure the astonishing possibilities already coming to view once we center the planetary crisis.”

Undersea cable special – Google and Meta’s massive investments in providing internet for Africa. VERY long read, but worth it (specially for digital colonialism and this strange optimism that ‘public policy’ will check the control of these giants. Cute).
Interesting to note: “Alphabet held nearly $150 billion in cash in the third quarter of 2021, more than the GDP of all but four African nations — to overbuild capacity, allowing room for future growth. And it can connect markets ahead of any clear immediate demand — an especially powerful lever in Africa.” – emphasis my own. Good to think about overbuilding capacity for food system infrastructure (otherwise known as normal infrastructure) for resilience.

This absolutely gorgeous map of cognitive biases.

This report on the state of global dietary data – interesting visualizations and an inventory of the surveys used

Kelly Parson’s 12 tools for connecting food policy – see page 8 for the visual and Box 4 for ‘where does food fit in’

3or5 is a monthly mailing on things in the food systems space that I find interesting

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