Pink SoGE

This day started out well. Early morning run. Included running through spiderwebs that materialized on the path overnight.

85% awake conversation with parents. Follow-up nap (how awesome are post-running naps?!), breakfast and tea while watching How I Met Your Mother. Leaving early for the department. Feeling particularly tall as I wear my new tweed and leather jacket. Weather’s brilliant, just a bit nippy, but everything’s alright under the blue, sunny sky.

Let’s ignore how I’m at the department very early in the morning on a Sunday. Have a list of things-to-do, which I will predictably ignore for ‘just one more day, I swear’.

And this is how the department looks as I turn towards it. Not the most flattering picture, or an identifying one, since there is nothing at all in this picture to actually show which department it is. I love this tree. I waited a year for these flowers. It’s the main focus of the picture besides the very empty road. There’s that one lone bike and those two cars. Emptiest I’ve ever seen the place!

I will cute across the road, safe in the knowledge that I don’t have to worry about rogue cyclists colliding into me. I’ll walk right besides the tree, under it, look up and jump a little to smell the flowers, and then turn fully to the main entrance. I can see the tree reflected in the glass doors. It’s bright and stays burnt into my eyes for a bit. This is my favorite entry to the department in recent memory.

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