The Bridge of Sighs, Oxford


This image has been taken from the lovely BuzzFeed article about Oxford, which I highly recommend.

I have a complicated relationship with BuzzFeed. I understand that some people consider it pretty low on the hierarchy of  internet-acquired reading material. Probably because of all the pretty pictures, gifs and lists. However, I love it BECAUSE of all those things. I am quite detail oriented and it’s great fun to see pictures and the details selected on them.

This picture is brilliant for a few reasons.

1. The Bridge of Sighs is incredible. I haven’t been over it yet. Still intimidated. By a BRIDGE no less. For shame.

2. The path is so beautifully laid out and in my opinion, the main focus of the picture.

3. The BEST part is the shadow. There’s so much to be imagined about that. These two people, with their bike, taking this picture. Oh the potential.

Please take a good look at the rest of the pictures. And come to Oxford and see them in person. Preferably from the same angle. And then different angles to see if you feel differently about it.

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