It has been difficult selecting a photograph when I am physically away from Oxford. There are so many things I could focus on for a post, but I want the ice-breaker to be a meaningful one.

This particular photograph isn’t the most visually attractive, and doesn’t have a lot going for it. It’s the bit of path just past the awesome tree (featured before, here) and just before the entrance to the Lamb and Flag and then St. Giles. St. John’s lies on the left and I believe, also own that bit of building over the path. And Lamb and Flag itself, if rumors are to be believed. Directly opposite the opening on St. Giles, you can find the very brilliant Greens’ Cafe. I am not very fond of the path itself; as the cobbles have the cheeky quality of letting you slip just enough to sprain an ankle and scuff your shoes at obnoxious angles. The only scuff marks on the sides of my fairly new shoes are because of this path.

If passing through during the day, you can expect to see the alcohol barrels being transferred between truck and pub, a number of cyclists and the usual tourists. Evenings bring the awkwardness of working through groups of pub-goers who’ve drifted outside and stand amid a nebula of cigarette smoke and alcohol stench. The lamp on the right (not pictured, but about 3 feet behind me at the point this picture was taken) looks lovely behind the tree branch that drapes over it.

Finally, this is the part of my approaching commute, where I know that I am 3 minutes away from my friends and college lunch.

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