Path for Contemplation

One of the first pictures taken with my phone and during my first few days in Oxford. This is one of the narrower paths in University Parks. Gravely and very crunchy and offers very little cover from the wind in most parts. The photo was initially taken to emphasize the grey-ness of the day. I like how the clouds turned out, but overall, the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired.

I haven’t actually walked this section of the path end-to-end, and always walk over the grass to one of the wider paths. I have also never walked on this with someone else. There seems to be a unspoken agreement between my walking mates and myself over acceptable paths. Clearly a follow-up walk is required to traverse the entire thing and look for other sad, narrow walkways frequented by lone-walkers.

And, MUST sit on the bench. All of the benches. Interesting really, where some of them face.

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