Bend in the Road

I find George Street in Oxford one of the most fascinating streets in the city. It changes fairly rapidly and houses some of my favorite restaurants. One of them in fact, has recently been replaced! Goodbye Fire and Stone, you will be greatly missed.

In my interest with Oxford geography, I would like to start with one of my favorite sections of George Street. The picture was taken this summer, when clear blue skies ruled the days and I was enjoying a temporary position at the Smith School of Enterprise and Enterprise (SSEE). I would see this bend every day on my way back home. My interest in it is driven more through the anticipation of what lies beyond the bend and has almost nothing to do with the amenities actually on it.

I love that all the buildings are connected, very different, and for the sake of this picture, not blocked by any buses. The blue sky in the photo is particularly difficult to see right now, as I am writing this post during one of the grey-est and wettest days of December.

And finally, I love how useful wide-zoom lenses are for taking pictures of roads. They just capture more of everything.

3 thoughts on “Bend in the Road

  1. England was definitely fun, my first time having an English dark beer made me throw up lol.I’d love to see the meadows of England, for meadows in Islamic Lands I’ve only seen them on pictures, but they remind strawberry fields and the song Said Sadly… by the smashing pumpkins

      1. Thank you for giving me something to look at and forget my troubles. You truly don’t know how much I love the pictures…

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