Geography and Memory: explorations in identity, place and becoming

edited by: Owain Jones and Joanne Garde-hansen

Introduction: Owain Jones, Joanne-Garde-hansen


1. Clearing out a Cupboard: Memory, Materiality and Transitions (John Horton and Peter Kraftl)

2. Copper Places: Affective Circuitries (Caitlin DeSilvey)

3. Mapping Grief and Memory in John Banville’s The Sea ( Avril Maddrell)

4. Brooding on Bornholm: Postmemory, Painting and Place (Judith Tucker)


5. Family Photographs: Memories, Narratives, Place (Elisabeth Roberts)

6. The Southdean Project and Beyond-‘Essaying’ Site as Memory Work (Iain Biggs)

7. ‘The Elephant is Part of Us and our village’: Reflections on Memories, Places and (non-) spatial objects (Marc Redepenning)

8. Graffiti Heritage: Civil War Memory in Virginia (Terri Moreau and Derek H Alderman)


9. Geopolitics and memories: Walking through Plymouth, England (James D. Sidaway)

10. A Domestic geography of everyday terror: remembering and forgetting the house I grew up in (Belinda Morrissey)

11. Moving through memory: Notes from a circus lot (Ariel Terranova-Webb)

12. Making memories our own (way): non-state remembrances of the second world war in Perak Malaysia (Hamzah Muzaini)

13. Lobotomizing Logics: A critique of memory sports and the business of mapping the mind (Gareth Hoskins)

A Memoir: (On Terra Firma)

14. Surfaces and Slopes – Remembering the World-Under-Foot (Hayden Lorimer)



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