Primary Objective: Critically examine at least 5 new sources, read through reading list material and update progress on GSS

Secondary Objective: Note progress after every half hour

Bonus Objective: Restructure paper

Background pages running: Twitter, University email account, instrumental music

1100: Started off with looking at random papers from the search I started day before yesterday, but came back to reading introductory EH material to build that section of the outline.

Interruption: Half an hour of blind panic

1200: reading papers on environmental health, community perceptions and integrated risk assessments

1230: More papers on Environmental health. concern of what is considered holistic,

1300: more reading, discovery of interesting paper on MCS.

NOTE: what about religion and environmental health?

Research questions if interdisciplinary study. Ignore first note. MUST do keyword search on interdisciplinary study

1400: Signed up for new journal alerts at Science Directs at various journals. Did some reading which did not sink in, so have to do it again

Here endeth part 1 of Day 7. Proceed to location change

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