Objective: Complete ‘Illness and the Environment’ reader and transcribe notes to concept paper draft


1. Reader completed in 2 days, notes were brief and consisted mainly of bits I found interesting, even if they were of topics I wasn’t interested in including in the theses

2. Notes transcribed into the two main documents of general DPhil notes and the update document to supervisor

3. Consideration for go-along research as a corollary and it’s contribution to the greater body of research

Points of Interest:

1. Fascination with phenomenon of MCS or EI. Will research further as an item of curiosity. Problems of interlinking with project inlude weakness of existing research base and problems of relating with the greater environment and studying individual etiology

2. Effects of large scale regeneration projects over time. Case study approach? Which area and which project?

NOTE: Do keyword search on urban regeneration projects

3. Further insight to cubism vs. holism vs. trans/multi/inter/cross disciplinary studies

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